“The work being done at Abba House is doing wonders for women with addiction and mental health issues and their children. Many of those helped are receiving healing and hope for the first time. We believe that this ministry is essential to our community and we fully support Abba House and the work being done there. Abba House is an organization truly dedicated to helping people help themselves.”

-Tommy Bagwell, President and CEO of American Proteins


Northside Hospital is greatly privileged to be a part of the ministry of Abba House. We appreciate the good that it’s done for women and children and intend to continue our support.”

Lynn Jackson Hospital Administrator (Forsyth County News)


“My name is Angela. I was a cocaine addict, crack addict, and alcoholic for about seven years. Now, I have been clean and sober for seven years. I have owned my own business for four years, and God has blessed me not only spiritually and emotionally, but also financially. I am a homeowner. My daughter is in private school. God has just given me blessing after blessing, after blessing, and I never thought that it would be possible. Thank you, Abba House.”