Abba House Christmas Wish List

Christmas for the residents:

With 28 women and 15 children currently living in our residential homes, we desire to provide them all with a “true” Christmas, perhaps one unlike any they’ve ever known. We know that we won’t be able to do this without your help. We would love for each of the women and children to experience a true “family Christmas” from the excitement of waking up Christmas morning to a stocking hung over the chimney and the aroma of a holiday ham baking in the oven. The joy of sitting in front of a beautifully adorned tree and unwrapping presents is a memory that most of us reading this letter treasure and most likely have already started planning for. We would love for our women to have that same treasured memory.

Directly help our women and children have a wonderful Christmas:

  1. $50 provides a stocking for a woman or child at Abba House.
  2. $100 allows each mother to be able to pick out a few gifts for her child to wrap and put under the tree.
  3. $100 allows a woman to go to Kohl’s and buy some things for herself.


Opportunities to support our staff:

We are blessed to have a wonderful staff. One thing that makes us different from many non-profits is that our ministry staff is comprised of graduates. These are women who have been through our program and feel led by God to share their experiences and hope with other women. It takes a special person to work in this environment as it goes way beyond the normal 40 hour office job. We would love to bless our staff this Christmas by pampering them.

  1. $100 provides for one staff member to have a spa day (manicure, pedicure and mini-massage).
  2. $100 provides for one staff member to go on a shopping spree.
  3. $50 provides a girls night out for our staff.


Gift Cards (any amount)

Gift cards are always appreciated and utilized. Walmart, Target, restaurant, grocery store, entertainment, gas and Visa gift cards are always appreciated. They provide our staff the opportunity to spend time participating in activities with our women and children outside of normal, routine program events. This is especially helpful during the cold winter months when outside activities are limited.


Laptops for children ($1,750 or a gift toward completion)

We have several school age children living in our homes who in today’s age, require online access for school and homework. We would like to purchase 5 laptops and a printer for the children to use in a supervised location by the childcare director.

  1. Donate $350 for one laptop.
  2. Donate $700 for two laptops.
  3. Donate $1,750 for five laptops.
  4. Donate $200 for a printer.


Abba House Women and Children’s Scholarship Fund

Currently, 90% of the families we serve have no financial resources to pay tuition. When women come to us seeking to change their lives and walk away from the abusers, drugs, prostitution and other dangerous arenas, we know they are at a very vulnerable place. We don’t ever want to turn away a woman seeking to make a better life for herself and her children. Therefore, we try to make sure we have scholarships available for anyone who needs them. It costs $1,620 a month for a family to live at Abba House. As of today, our scholarship fund is at a $0 balance.

Scholarships allow mother and child to live in a safe, loving Christian environment where healthy family values are implemented and modeled. Both mom and child can receive counseling and heal from their past hurts together. They participate in a healthy, holistic lifestyle and learn how to maintain that when they leave. Our childcare director also facilitates after school activities, healthy snacks and fun-filled weeks when school is out. The young children/infants are well cared for in a small, family run daycare while mom participates in group counseling, curriculum and job training.


  1. Your small group/Sunday school can class “adopt” a family for $1,620 a month and receive written updates from your family. Be part of her life and mentor her through this process.
  2. Donate $54 to pay for one day.
  3. Donate $378 to pay for one week.
  4. Donate $1.620 to pay for one month.


Education Fund: ($2,500 or any gift toward completion)

As we look toward our future, we are focusing on more staff education so that we can provide the services required to take insurance and apply for more grants to help women who do not have the financial ability to come to Abba House. Eight of our staff members are currently participating in a one-year ministry counseling course to become Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselors. The cost is $2,500 per staff member.


A Gift to our General Operations or Greatest Need (any amount)
A gift toward General Operations supports the day-to-day work at Abba House. Our estimated 2018 operating budget is $1.5 million. The majority of this figure represents the direct cost of providing a home and the basic needs of the women and children in the program, as well as ministry and counseling for them as we seek to restore their family. This is one of our greatest challenges as we are funded solely through private contributions.


To make a gift toward the Abba House Christmas Wish List, you may

  1. Donate Below by selecting Christmas Fund:
  2. Contact Laura Cotcher, Executive Director, at;
  3. Mail a check noted “Christmas fund” to:

Abba House
6800 Dahlonega Hwy.
Cumming, Georgia 30028

Thank you for your help in restoring these women and their families!