What is Abba House?

Abba House is a 15 month minimum residential ministry for women with emotional wounding. Abba House is a safe place for women to come and receive God’s love and forgiveness. Getting help at Abba House cannot be undertaken lightly. The ministry at Abba House is Christian in nature and content. However, non-Christians are welcome to participate.

An initial period, where the mother is making personal progress in growth and healing, is required before children can join their mother in the program.

A minimum 15-month commitment is required. Residents must be free from drugs, medication or alcohol at the time of arrival. Residents are required to assist with daily tasks at Abba House and to work at the Abba House Thrift Store.

Family Group

Sundays are a time for Family Recovery where members of families come to work on the relationships they have with their daughters, sisters wives, etc. and to receive healing for their own brokenness. We believe it is important for the whole family to participate in the healing process because God desires wholeness for each of us.